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The HTC MyTouch 4G is an android smartphone that was released on November 3rd, 2010. The phone was also known as HTC Panache 4G in Canada.

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How to replace charge / USB port?

Loose port after two years of action, makes charging difficult with most cables. Would like to replace.

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kramereli, you could follow this guide right to step 14 and remove the logic board. then you will need to desolder the port and replace it with a new one. The port is not to expensive and readily available at places like this. Here is a decent video that will show you how to do the actual repair. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Whoa. Well, so long as I tension my cable in the direction of the top of the phone, I maintain connection. I'll let it slide. I appreciate knowing the difficulty involved and that it's likely better math to save any repair money toward my next phone. Crap, gotta charge my phone...


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Rather not have to take it apart?

I just posted another way to charge the phone without the USB port.

How to replace charge / USB port?

It doesn't use the USB port but the docking ports on it's side.

Update (04/18/2016)

MyTouch 4G cell phone not charging [Solved]

My MyTouch Cell phone's USB port became unusable for almost anything, move the USB cable around a bit and it might start charging (for just awhile), it was worn out from use.

The MyTouch 4G has three contacts on it's left side; made for a docking station nobody ever took the time to manufacture. The top contact is a positive (5vdc) contact, the bottom a negative (5vdc); the middle contact I don't know what it does but it shows 2.5 volts connected to the top contact.

I found what was what by measuring each contact while it being charged.

As the picture supplied shows I took a USB cable using only the Red (top contact) and Black (Ground) wires. The Green, White wires and shielding cable can be ignored and cut. I did use a larger gauge wire than that of the USB cable for it to sit on.

The hard part is finding something to cradle the MyTouch in. I was lucky enough to of had a Xoom Tablet speaker cradle.


With a small triangle file you need to file a groove from back to front across the top and bottom contacts to create a wire guide, not deep, just enough for the bare wires to lay across the contacts. I had to do it a second time to where the contact was even with the cut (they have a small ridge - they are recessed a bit). Sry no picture of the phone, will supply on request.

The wires of course are mounted to contact each proper contact then secured, if they don't contact and all was done as above, a bit of weight or shoe string (tied around both phone and charger) will position the wires on the contacts.

All I've used it for is to charge and it has been for a few months now. Tethering isn't possible I don't believe nor have I nor will I try (no data lines). I just use the portable hot spot while it's being charged and all fine.

I have the USB cable plugged into the original MyTouch charger, which is 5 volts DC at 1 amp, any charger of the same output would work, but I sure wouldn't connect it to a computer while using the - data line.

The MyTouch was ahead of it's time, I'm glad to have it back in use, and do hope this helps someone in the same position I found myself in.

Not that it makes any difference but mine is unlocked - contract satisfied.

Removed (edited out): As the picture supplied shows I took a USB cable using only the Red (top contact) and Green (Bottom contact) wires. The Black, White wires and shielding cable can be ignored and cut. I understand that the Black is ground but using the Green (data -) works for me. : Removed


The red and green wires didn't sound right at all but it's the color of my end wires. What I had done is use Red(+) and Black (Ground) then connected the black wire to a green wire already in place.

The wire I used to set the phone on was of a larger gauge than the USB cable supplied.

My creation: (black wire was connected to the Green wire shown.

Thus the text on photo is wrong).

USB wiring:

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Only place I could find out what the htc pogo pins +/- are ! Thank you so much and great charging dock you made. I dont know why HTC didn't have a dock for it, would have saved my usb port from much abuse. Maybe a car gps dock could work also, not sure..

But Now that you know the polarity of the pins, you could install a wireless charging pad to it! As some have done on their htc one. Thanks again.

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