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The Sony NEX-7 is the second generation Sony mirrorless camera announced in August 2011. It is a 24 megapixel interchangeable lens camera.

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How can I replace my lens mount?

I dropped my camera and dented the lens attachment ring and my lens isn't attaching anymore. How do I replace this? I see a lot of screws but I'm afraid I would mess something up.

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Jay Miley, I added the service manual for your camera to the Device page. Go to this page and scroll down to " Service Document" click on the blue link. this will download the service manual. Page 2-11 will show you how the ring is attached to the front camera case. Hope this helps, good luck.

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In addition to looking at the service document, take a look at this guide to replacing the lens mount.

Good luck repairing your device!

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