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The Canon PowerShot G11 is a point-and-shoot digital camera designed to be easy to use for photography enthusiasts.

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How to change the lens and LCD on Canon PowerShot G11 camera?

Hi, I would like to fix my Canon powershot G11 if possible. The lens has some scratches and the LCD screen cracked so it is totally black now, everything else is in perfect conditions. The most difficult thing has been to find spare parts (extremely expensive). I wonder if you have these spare parts in your store and a guide to fix this camera?! Thanx!!

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We are working on a guide to replace these parts. We do not have the replacement parts in the store, but you could search for broken G11s and buy them for parts this option could potentially be cheaper.

Here is a link to the trouble shooting page. We have some information about the LCD screen and Lens here. The problem with replacing the lens yourself is it will need to be calibrated with software for it to properly take pictures again.

Ebay search for broken G11s

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