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Model number 9022291415 / 3.2 Megapixel CCD digital camera.

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Flash de-synchronized from camera trigger

Flash light seems to be de-synchronized from the trigger of the camera.

When taking a picture in dark, the flash activates one or two seconds too late. Thanks for help.

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Excellent question. I have looked and looked around, but cant seem to find anything on that.


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You might have a bad flash capacitor, in some cameras it is used to build and store a charge that is released to power the flash. I'll have to look into this further.

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You may also want to check the settings, or select the "factory reset" option, if it has one.


I think its more then that... unless you shoot the moment after you turn on the camera. The fact that it shoots means that the capacitor works, its the trigger that shorts it (to flash) is.. delayed.


This question has been around forever, and I cant seem to find anything documenting, nevermind fixing it, anywhere online.


did you find an answer? seems as if you're on the correct path...thank you


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