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5th generation Apple router released on June 21, 2011. It features wireless n which increases the network speed from the previous model.

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Why can I not connect to the internet?

The device is on but I can't connect to the internet.

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You have to set the device up with a cable a computer and an app.

Help us help you. The more complete the description of your problem is (some history behind the problem (when did it start, was there a physical problem - voltage oveload/drop/water etc) of what you've done and compete description, e.g. text or screen shot of any error messages) the more assistance we can provide, and, the sooner we can provide it..

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i think you should reset the apple airport.and launch the apple utilitious once again .so lets go and setup the airport once again . setup your user name and password and lets connect your all devices .for more information contact support at Apple airport support and i hope this would fix issue ..thanks

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