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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Another spill horror story: Diet Coke.

My wife spilled about 6 oz of Diet Coke on the keyboard of her 6 month old 1342 MacBook (it was plugged-in and "on" at the time). She immediately put it on a side to let it drain and she also turned it off. Only it didn’t turn off, but went into sleep mode.

About 3-5 min later, we noticed the sleep mode and held the power button down until it shut off. Needless to say, I never re-started again...

Using instructions on this site, I tore it down completely and I saw virtually no signs of Diet Coke on the inside! There was some traces on the bottom “pan”, some on the rear vent. But the hard drive, optical drive, battery and the logic board, had no signs of the Diet Coke!

I was ready to clean things, but there wasn’t anything meaningful to clean up! I suspect that most of the Coke stayed in the key board or leaked around on the sides, where it missed "vital organs".

What are the chances that the damage was contained in the keyboard?

I saw in another thread that there is a chip that controls the power button, could I have experienced the same type of failure?

I am considering stripping it down again and washing the keyboard in the ultrasonic tub (I have friends who work on/design PC boards and chips). Unfortunately, none of them know anything about Macs...

Any other ideas?


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My first disassembly happened 2 days after the spill and everything seemed dry. My second, more complete disassembly happened on day 4. It has now been over a week and it is still dead :(


I'm sorry it seems to be dead... It could be the power switch, but I really doubt it, one way you can test this (This is coming from me personally, its a bit tricky) is to trace that wire and short it (completing the circuit and simulating a button push). If it still doesn't work, I'm afraid that the logic board is most likely fried.


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Does it work now? How long ago was this? Since you opened it up and examined it, I would assume that it is dried out so power it back up and see whats wrong. You can start diagnostics by pressing D as your computer starts up (maybe its cmd+d?) and then run TechTools Deluxe.

IF everything seems to be working, then.. well hopefully it stays working. If not, come back and we'll try to diagnose the problem for you.

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Also try not to put any mentos on your computer for a while.


LOL, very true


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