Differences from i7 MC784B

Hello iFIXIT community,

i have a small question that i hope you guys can help with.

i have an iMac 27 inch A1312 MC814DK/A where the Screen, Glass and Frame is broken

But i've spotted an auction on ebay for a MC784B.

my question is, can i move my motherboard from my A1312 MC814DK/A to the MC784B

is the Frame and outputs on the back the same ?

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To start with these two systems are from different series so you are not likely to move the logic board from the MC814DK/A to the MC784B/A system.

Why don't you just get the replacement screen for your system: LCD Assembly, 27" 661-5970.

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Hello Dan, well it's both the Screen Glass and Frame that's broken, it toke a fall


I think you'll be better off looking a bit more for the same model series (again a junker). If you go to EveryMac web site you can review what are the other systems within the series that will have the same case so you can transfer your parts to.


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