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Floor lamps are lights that sit on the floor. They are not table lamps, which are designed to sit on tables. Floor lamps are usually taller than table lamps.

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How do I fix a floor lamp after a power surge?

We have replaced the bulb and it still doesn't work. All our other electronics are fine after the surge.


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What kind of lamp? Florescent, Halogen or LED? How is it controlled via a switch on the lamp or a wall switch? Is the switch a dim-able type or straight on/off? If you can find a link to it online post the URL so we can see the unit.


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1 solution

So its not lamp..check one by one,from power outlet ,then cords,switch...some floor halogen lamp have power safety switch(some halogen floor lamp have it),if in outlet have power,what will be 1st thing..then if power came to as you wrote ,bulb..simple screwdriver power tester is enough for that..

So if power is on outlet then came to cord and not came to bulb,you need to dismantle,and look if from cord came to switch,and then if when switch is closed("ON")if pass the switch to came to bulb or other shape or type of lighting element.

Sometimes bulb is not perfect manufactured and not make good contact,even is screwed tight.. If you have dimmer on lamp,check that too.(dimmer can be bypassed,and lamp can work without..but when dimmer is burned ,can prevent power to came to bulb.)

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