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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Screen says PF after use and smells hot, what is PF?

I have a GE Microwave Oven WES1450DS1BB.

1. trouble shooting, PF on screen.

2. cancelling causes screen to go black.

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PF is power failure. Sounds like some trouble with the main power board.


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The PF error code means that either you magnetron is going bad and leaking microwaves, or the control board itself is bad.

I wouldn't touch this with a pole. It's to dangerous to work on. Either call a tech (it's not that expensive a model, or trash it. It would be prudent to just replace it.

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I agree. Microwaves can be very dangerous to work on. Not just 120V but thousands of volts. Then there is the RF to worry about if you are not careful.


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