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Replacing bad video card (not the whole logic board)

2008 iMac 24" 3.06 2x2G NVIDIA 500GB

Took the iMac to a mac repair store. Was told the video card was bad, but the whole logic board would need to be replaced, because the two are not detachable.

My questions:

Is this accurate, or can the video card on this machine be replaced without replacing the logic board?

The machine is getting older, if I get it repaired, what else would you recommend that I upgrade and with what parts?

Pls keep it simple. I'm a user, not a tech :)

Many thanks

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Yes, you can replace the video card independently its a bit more work as you need to take the logic board out and then separate the two parts.

Video Card - 661-4664 MXM III, G92GT+/512MB GDDR3 (CTO). Here's the IFIXIT guide of a simular model on the steps of replacing the video card: iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 GPU Assembly Replacement so you can see the amount of work.

As to what else you might want to upgrade:

You may want to upgrade the RAM to the max this system can support 6 GB.

You also may want to upgrade the HD to something larger. If you want some zip I would go with a SSHD hybrid drive. I would go with a Seagate Desktop SSHD. What ever drive you do go with needs to run at SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) which is the limit of your system.

Lastly, make sure your firmware is upto date. Follow this Apple T/N: EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs

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Yo, I am getting my GS8800 repaired with a new chipset by this very reliable outfit in California: Apple iMac 24" 2008 NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS 661-4664 Video Card Repair Service

I also want to upgrade the HDD, as Dan suggested with a SATA II 3.0gb/s drive. Do I need any other consideration for this switch. I remember vaguely that the A1311 needed special temperature sensing hardware from OWC to run non OEM equipment....


No, you're good! This series uses a stick on sensor which you can see in Step 20 & 21 in this IFIXIT guide Installation d'un SSD dans les iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 et 2211


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With that advice from the store, I would not return. Either they don't know what they are talking about or they are trying to cheat you. Either way it's not a place to go back to. How about telling us what the problem is. It may be very different than what you've been told. Also tell us what the diagnostic LEDs are showing: iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211 Diagnostic LED's

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Indeed , a store that lies about the internal part of your iMac just because you can't see them ,is trying to rob you , never go back there and report them to their management if part of a chain.


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