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Adaptateur secteur pour MacBook, MacBook Pro et MacBook Air. Dispose d'un connecteur aimanté à auto-alignement qui se déconnecte en toute sécurité lorsqu'on le tire. Les chargeurs MagSafe de première génération (2006-2012) ont un connecteur en forme de L légèrement plus épais. Ils sont disponibles en versions 45 W, 60 W et 85 W.

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Replacement of broken plastic wing

I broke one of my plastic wings of my apple ac adapter. There are two small plastic pins to the left and right of the wing which are fixed it in a kind of hole at each sides of the outer plastic shell. One idea would be to reprint this plastic wing with a 3d printer, but I am not sure if there is a file which has this 3d information available and I also do not know if the material would be stable enough. Also I am not sure if this shell can be opened because I fear that the wing is not very easy to be replaced without opening the shell - the only way then would be to use pressure to position the reprinted wing.

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I had the same issue - one side of the wing's "peg" had broken off.

So what I ended up doing was to find a small finishing nail that was the same size a the small peg sticking out. I then drilled a hole into the wing approx 3/8", then inserted it into the hole and cut off the nail so both the original and my new wing stuck out the same amount. (filed down the sharp edge of the nail from cutting too). Then very carefully began to push the wing back onto the power supply and --- presto! it works just like new.


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I like the idea of 3D printing a new part!

Sadly though the case is welded shut so you'll need to either take a Dremel tool with a cutting wheel to carefully cut along the seams. You'll end up with a mess of white powder and then will need to get some plastic to re-weld the seam after you replaced the part. Also be careful you don't damage the electronics inside!

Or, the better way is a heat gun to carefully soften the plastic at the seams. Here's a guide someone created on how they took it apart: Restoring Apple AC Adapter Broken Cable.

Now the hard part getting a replacement part:

You could try 3D printing it using the other wing as a template to create the control file. Otherwise, you'll need to find a junker to steal the part from to fix yours. Apple does not sell replacement parts for the power adapter. Good hunting!

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You really can't do this without opening the case. The case can be opened. I've done it several times to replace the magsafe cord off the end of them. To do that, the best way I've ever seen and the way I do it is stick pliers into the void where that wing goes and spread them and force it apart. Be careful, you DO break that plastic apart and you'll have to superglue the whole mess back up when you finish.

Seeing as you've got to further break it to fix it, I might just fly with one wing or go into the apple store and ask nicely if they will swap it out. I've heard they're kinda lenient on those.

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My Macbook Air magsafe has broken both sides (I still don't know how I succeed in doing this…) and I am thinking in drilling from one side to another and then inserting those metal sticks that hold watches bracelets. After trying, I will report here. The drilling must be very precise, but it's better than not trying anything…

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Hi there! Yes, I have succeeded exactly as planned! I have drilled on the point that both rivets have broken and the whole was perfectly done. Then I just inserted a thin 16 mm watch bracelet pin holder and it was pretty ok. I think it will last as long enough...

So, if one of your wings are broken DON'T throw it away!

Please, give me feeback if you guys can do the same, ok? Cheers


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