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An action-based video camera with mountable and self-stabilizing capabilities;the HDR-AS30v features Wi-Fi/GPS and beautiful HD 1080p resolution for all your adventurous needs.

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My camera randomly shuts off but has a full battery.

I've been using my camera for a while now but recently it shuts off randomly. I check to make sure the battery has enough life and it always does. Any idea what I should do about this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It is possible that the camera is overheating; try waiting for the device to cool down before using again. If a message is displayed before it turns off, this is most likely the case. If the device is left idle for too long it is set to automatically turn off to save power. Use the camera more frequently if this is in fact the problem. Check the troubleshooting guide for any additional help.

Sony HDR-AS30V Troubleshooting

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