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Does anyone know of a service shop that repairs logic boards?

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (mid-2009) that has minor spill damage to the logic board. Two Apple service shops have inspected the machine and quoted above a $1000 to replace the logic board. The computer runs the same as before except for a problem properly turning off (must do a hard shut down instead). Since this is the only apparent problem, I'd like to get the logic board repaired instead of replaced. I live in Ohio, but would be willing to ship the machine out. Thanks for all your help!

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I don't lnow if you find someone here who is willing to do that.

but normally i would say that you can do it on your own - you need some isopropyl alcohol and a paintbrush for that. but maybe someone here ist able to do that (i would, but i'm from germany - so fixing it isn't an option)


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DT&T Computer Services, does a nice job and has been around for a while. You can get pricing right on line. I know several people who have been happy with the service they recieved from them. I'll be sending them my Mac Pro 2.8 GHz for a new logic board as soon as I have the cash to do so.

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