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7 Inch Android device, 1.5 GHz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, WIFI, HDMI, 8GB Storage

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How do you update the firmware?

My device is in need of updates but I don't know where to find the menu. I also need some directions on how to update the device once I get to the menu.

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Visit and scroll down to the questions section for information on updating the firmware.

Visit the Onda V701 Troubleshooting guide for more information if needed. Onda V701 Troubleshooting

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Hi , I have an ONDA V919 dual OS . If I use microsoft OS , I have an old login and I forgot the password , so it’s impossible to run it. I don’t remember details and microsoft doesn’t accept to help me. What can I do to change or remove the OS ? Thank you for giving me a solution. Best regards. Stéphane ( from France )

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