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Panasonic a commercialisé le CF-29 le 1er janvier 2004. Il a été conçu pour survivre aux environnements les plus difficiles auxquels les forces armées des États-Unis, le personnel de service et les enthousiastes pouvaient l’exposer. Le Black Hawk CF-29 a été commercialisé en 2009.

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How do I remove bios password

I need to remove bios password

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1) Locate and remove the RTC battery

2) locate and remove the main battery and unplug power supply.

3) depress the power button for 30-60 seconds.

you do not have to solder anything to the board if there are posts ic 61,63 on MAIN PCB then just put a jumper across them while you power up. if its just 2 SMD pads just use a needle probe to arc the connection.

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remove cmos battery for about 10 seconds.

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for a better result remove the battery for about 5 minutes, because sometimes it needs more time :)


don't forget to hold the power button down for 60 seconds and remove the main battery as well.


Remove the BIOS battery for more than two hours and the problem still exists..


Removed the cmos battery, removed the main battery, left it for about 18 hours. No results. I pulled the batteries and shorted the pins while holding the power switch for 60 seconds. Still didn't help at all. Then I tried every combination of shorting, unplugging, and turning on that I could think of. Still have the problem....


does the the problem above has been resolved??


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I find this article about how to reset or remove BIOS password, perhaps it will help you solve your problem:

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you should always call panasonic tech support at panasonic headquarters for the proper way to remove bios lock. there are different ways to do it. if you dont do it properly you could do damage . i damaged the cmos socket just by removing the battery…its a good thing i’m skilled at soldering. I was able to re-solder the cmos posts to the board and i put a drop of epoxy between the cmos socket and the reset socket next to it in order to bridge them together so that it wouldnt happen again

Update (05/05/2020)

Send it to Japanese!

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just did it on my cf-31 mk1.

Panasonic told me, to send it to panasonic UK.

The’ll have to change my motherboard ! pha ! Just did it today !

But ONLY if the mashine can boot up in the running OS !

otherwise, i can’t do that

Just mail me

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