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Annoncé en mars 2015 et mis sur le marché le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 Edge est la version à écran incurvé du tout nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung.

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BOM cost of Samsung G s6?

I'd like to compare costs of Galaxy S6 with S5 especially about semiconductor chips(DRAM, NAND, and Processor).

Could I have an idea or any number related to DRAM, NAND, and AP embedded in those devices?

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Our focus is here is to help people on repairing their devices.

We are not setup to do that level of research on BOM costing. While you might be able to gain insight on what your phone contains for chips from the tear downs, you will need to find out the costs from the manufacture of the discreet part if they are willing to tell you.

Remember, they sell the parts in the 10.000's if not more to the phone makers, so the cost for one part will be exponentially more expensive than what the phone maker pays.

I would recommend you do some searching on the web to see if someone has already done this research. They may require payment for their efforts (it won't be cheap!)

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