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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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How to fix water damage when the unit works in dock?

They knew something about this. They put the Nano into a bag with rice in it and put it in a warm environment. But it will not turn on. However, it will work fine when put into dock. It is therefore possible that the battery was fried or else the charging system. How can I check this out? I do not want to go through the battery change out procedure unless necessary.

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+ well stated question


Interesting, Apple has been known to produce products that no one could hack and now they produce a device that cannot be opened without a surgeons touch (which I don't have). I did not have the two tools recommended by iFixit, but I was able to pry open the back (deforming it at the same time). Then I found tools that would work to push the clips back and open the back the rest of the way. Unfortunately, my tool slipped and I fried the logic board! It was interesting that the smallest tip for my soldering iron was a little big for this small soldering job. I would have to invest quite a lot of money to buy the circuit board soldering iron, as it has smaller tips.

However, it was a worthwhile experience and taught me the value of buying the special tools. If there is a next time, I will be able to do it without disaster, I think.

Thanks for your help!

Hubert Hickey


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I would change the battery. You should look up "water damage" or "liquid spill" under the Search Menu, you'll get plenty of good suggestions from previous posts like yours.

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Agreed. Logic board isn't dependent on where it gets the power. If it works one way, then it's still good. Definitely sounds like you need a new battery. If you decide to replace it, consider giving the logic board a good cleaning anyway, since you'll be in there.


+ agreed


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Hi, just been through the same thing so hope this helps anyone looking for the answer (I know this is quite an old post).

I helped out a friend with his iPod Nano 3rd gen, it went through his washing machine believe it or not.

Wouldn't power up by battery after it had been dried out (he said he left it in the airing cupboard for days) but would perform like normal when it was in a dock. I tried it under usb power and it turned on but cut out just after booting.

Anyway, I told him that the battery had probably shorted and replaced it for him, bit of a fiddly job, and I need to order a new back panel because of the tabs being misaligned, but it works perfectly now.

The logicboard needed a little cleaning up as it had some deposits on it (IPA and cotton bud very gently) and I put a little bit of glue between the battery connectors to replace the rubbery stuff that you remove before desoldering.

All in it cost £10 (with the back panel) and he was well happy, worth a shot!

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