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How to disassemble my external hard drive

Hi everybody, I need your help to disassemble my Verbatim Store 'n' Save SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4Tb Desktop external hard drive because I dropped it from half meter high and now it doesn't work. It makes some noises like if it's trying to read and the sistem doesn't recognize it. I want to open it to see if I can do anything to solve the problem.

Thanks everybody and keep it up!

The model is: 47674

Here some images taken from the Verbatim webpage:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Verbatim has made a few different models so you'll need to help us a bit more here. Do you know the model and/or can you post a good set of pictures so we can see what you have.


Was the drive running when it fell (powered)? What is your operating systems (Windows or Mac)? And what version.


Sorry Dan, you're right. I've edited my post adding some images and the model. Thanks for your correction.

About your second post, yes, the drive fell while it was running and my O.S. is Windows 8.1.

Thanks for your support!


Hi Dan, have you managed to resolve the issue. I seem to be in the same predicament. Like to know how you resolved and fixed it. Thanks


Can you tell me what drive was inside?


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Ouch! Sorry to say thats not good. When a drive is running it is at its most sensitive point to be damaged.

When the drive is not powered (off) the head is parked in such a way as to not get damaged and/or damage the spinning platters. When powered the head is running across the platters like the needle of an old phonograph player.

In fact just like a phonograph player playing a record when you hit it, it will damage the recording on the disk (creating a scratch which causes the disk to skip). Here the heads are damaged first as they are more fragile but the platers can also get damaged when the head hits them damaging the information.

As to fixing this you would need watch maker skills and very specialized tools as well as a clean room. A clean room here is using very special air cleaners to filter the air so there is no dust. Even cleaner than what most operating room in a hospital have!

So the bottom line here is this is not something you want to dig into! So opening it up likely won't help here.

I assume you have important stuff on this drive and don't have a backup (as this was your backup).

If the drives power light is lighting then the disk is damaged and you'll need to think hard if you can recover what you need without the drive.

If you must salvage stuff then don't run the drive as its more likely going to damage it more. You'll need to ship the drive (case and all) to a data recovery service which has the needed clean room and skills.

What they do is open the drive up in the clean room and repair the drive long enough to copy off your data onto another drive. Then ship you back the new drive and your data. This will be expensive! but you have little choice at this point.

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Thank you very much for your time and support Dan. Althuogh there are bad news I can stop thinking in how to repair it by myself and start thinking in a new drive. About the lost data, it's bad luck.

Thanks again and keep it up!


Sorry for the bad news. It you want to give it a try you could try running disk tools on the drive to see if it allows you to access the drive (last chance before you toss it).


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Go half way down the page on this site for pictures of opening it and about the hooks holding it together:

Here's a video on disassembly of another drive but it will give you an idea of how these drives are generally opened up:

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