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The Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5084 is a mid-cost laptop that is a part of the Toshiba Satellite C650 series. The C655D-S5084 is a customized version of the base model.

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Is more memory possible?

Im wondering if its possible to get more memory on my laptop. Can I just buy something that provides memory and plug it in? Or is it a complicated process involving disassembling my laptop and multiple expensive parts?

The laptop is fully functional. Has space. Is not old. The problem is, is that I've bogged it down with Adobe programs (for college). Without the programs it worked fine. WITH the programs is soooo slow. I also get pop up windows from the Adobe programs advising that due to lack of memory, some features may not be avalible.

Help please!

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People, first find out which machine Pam has so you can look it up, know what the exact RAM is that she needs, and how much it will take and give her advice as to how to insert it (there may be a guide already). If you are going to gives answers, do the work! The answers so far are of no real help.


Hi Folks!

I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D laptop. The specs are as follows:

-AMD C-50 Processor 1.00GHz

-Installed memory (RAM): 3.00 GB (2.60 GB usable)

-64 bit operating system

-AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics

The computer states:

-Installed Physical Memory: 3GB

-Total Physical Memory: 2.6GB

-Available Physical Memory: 1.02GB

-Total Virtual Memory: 5.20GB

-Available Virtual Memory: 2.16

-Page File Space: 2.60GB

Not sure what any of that means...

Thanks in advance!



Pam your computer is configured with 3GB DDR3 and can be upgraded to a max of 8GB. Thank you for posting your model number and specs :-)


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Pam, this can be a RAM issue or a full hard drive issue. Programs use free hard drive space as clipboards. Your drive needs to be 30% clear. Next please tell us your exact machine so we can correctly advise you.

UPDATE Now that we know your machine, here is the guide on how to replace the RAM: Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5084 Random Access Memory (RAM) Replacement

Due to the high tolerances they require, Toshiba notebooks are extremely picky about only working properly with the Toshiba supplied RAM or the best compatible Kingston Memory modules. Assuming your model can indeed use 8GB of RAM, these modules would be:

PA3677U-1M4G Toshiba 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066MHz Memory Module


KTT1066D3/4G Kingston® 4GB PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 Memory Module

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Adding more ram is probably the easiest thing to upgrade. First find out what type of ram you have, in your case most likely ddr2. You can check this by downloading CPU-Z. This will tell you what you have and need. Simply buy new ram online,

unscrew the bottom plate, remove battery and install new ram.

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hari, I stated exactly why I down voted you in the comment under Pam's question. If you had corrected your answer I would have removed the down vote. Or if you delete an answer it removes the negative vote. BTW your also get the Disciplined Badge for removing an answer with a negative vote. Would you care to give me a reason for down voting my answer outside of retaliation. If you can't take positive criticism to improve your answers, you do not belong on the site.


Wow, why the full blown attack? As to my knowledge i have never down voted anyone's comment. If i have done so i sincerely apologise and can assure you it was unintentional. Also according to the ifixit time line the time between your comment on my second answer and the one i am replying to now was 3 minutes. Also as anyone can see in our conversation on the topic How to bend a iphone back you can see that i'm careful not to break the rules and am grateful for being explained how to use the forum accordingly. Look at how negative your whole comment is because someone down voted your comment/answer. Seriously. I realise you are a respected person on this site but to be honest i feel the level of negativity was unnecessary. Disciplined badge Really?


Sorry I came on so strong. We have just been getting a lot of really poor answers lately. My apologies. Yes, deleting a question with a negative vote gives you the disciplined badge, I have 14 of them:


That is most definitely ok Mayer. I realise in retrospect that from the wording of the original question a more in depth answer would have been more helpful. Also my comment on asking another question once the ram was purchased instead of updating it and giving another answer i now see was not the proper way to go about things. I would like to thank you again for helping me understand how to use the site.


I removed the negative vote on this answer. Delete your second answer and get your badge. Also I have down vote on some of your other questions, please review them to see if they can be improved, ask questions, find the correct machines as many have known issues, Edit the question to bring up the correct guides (but cut and paste the original machine description to the top of the question.) You are very welcome on the site, just remember to do the work.


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If you go to they have a system scanner that tells you what kind of memory your system can take. Plus they are the best memory you can get.

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See my comment under Pam's question. Also crucial RAM being the best is debatable and just your opinion, get the facts or at least ask for them, then give an answer.



Her opening statement is more memory possible? If she would have went to the link I provided it will determine how much memory her PC can hold/use, while also telling her which specific type and size she needs. With that being said, that would indeed answer her inital question. Also Crucial is a top brand for a reason...just saying my man.


From there you can then give her a guide on how to upgrade your RAM.


You are correct, (maybe, you may think all Toshiba laptops are upgradable, but are they? You don't know which one she has, how much RAM it will take or if it is upgradeable. You can give a much better answer than this if you get the facts first. Stating an opinion is fine, but it's like a*s holes, everyone has one. Do the work! Then answer the question. Try to improve your answer skills, I'd like to retire some day ;-)


Touche sir, Thanks again :)


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