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Formally called the Chevrolet C/K, C/K is a series of trucks manufactured by General Motors and marketed under the Chevrolet and GMC brands. The C/K line includes pickup trucks, medium-duty, and heavy trucks.

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How do you change the rear output shaft seal

leaking at rear of transmission only when running. it is where the drive shaft enters the transmissuion.

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What year, what engine, what transmission?


what is it leaking...oil or transmission fluid?


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Don't know if you've already figured this out, but...

Mark how the driveshaft lines up with the yoke and drop the drive shaft by disconnecting the front U-joint, remove the yoke (it just slides off the end of the shaft). You want to make sure it goes back the same way or it can cause U-joint failure. Also if the shaft of the yoke is scored or worn it needs to be replaced or it'll leak again. That's a very common problem.

Pry the seal out. You can get a tool that looks like a a small pickaxe that makes this easier, but I always just use an old flat screwdriver that I sharpened the blade on. Being extra careful not to scratch the transmission casing where the seal sits use a hammer to tap the sharpened screwdriver into the seal and pry it out.

Wipe any oil around the sealing area off. Get a deep socket or similar that is a bit smaller diameter than the seal. Place the seal up against the transmission tailpiece and align the socket. Gently tap the socket with a mallet or hammer until the seal is driven flush. Replace the yoke (oiling the tip of the yoke can help it slide in) and reconnect the driveshaft.

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Gotta replace all seals at once.

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No actually you don't. If the tail shaft seal is leaking that is a low pressure point in the transmission. Had this been the pump/input seal I would agree only because this service requires removal of the transmission. Thus you have access to all seals and at that point it is pointless not to replace them all.


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