After changing the DC jack, everything is frozen

After replacing the DC jack and charging laptop for a couple of hours, I opened the lid and the page in Safari that I was browsing when the laptop battery completely drained is back in the display. However, the mousepad, keyboard and power button are not working. Cannot power off. Stays on even if lid is closed. Internet appears to not be connected. Have a brand new power cord also. The cord light shows the battery is now fully charged (has turned from amber to green-took several hours); however, the display is frozen with the "Calculating..." message. Any ideas on what might be the problem? Since the laptop is on, I don't feel it is safe to go back inside and see if a ribbon or wire didn't get connected completely. Do I have to wait for the battery to completely drain in order for everything to turn off? Is there a specific connection I should be checking? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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