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memory low mesage but disk is clear

continually getting message about low memory but disk is not full. I have mcfee

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I recommend you increase the amount of RAM in your computer. Today's computers are usually happy with 4 Gb of RAM. If you already have that, increase it to 8 Gb.

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thx! working!


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Memory is Memory, storage space is not memory, this may be a case of a failing RAM Chip like @phudson38 eluded to (but let me expand) I would shoot for a new stick of RAM (what windows OS are you using?) if you have a 64 bit version go for 8 GB

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Make sure you don't have anything running that shouldn't!

Often a rogue program can chew up your available RAM. Make sure you didn't download any P to P apps or try not to run too many apps concurrently if your memory is on the low side (4 GB). Use Windows Performance Monitor to monitor your RAM usage.

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Adding more RAM usually fixes low memory problems. Windows uses a part of the hard drive as "Virtual memory" that it uses as a temporary addition to RAM. The newer versions of Windows automatically control the size of the virtual memory, if you are still on XP or older (recommend upgrading since older Windows is not supported for updates or security) you can increase the virtual memory to help with the memory bottleneck.

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