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The LG Optimus G was announced on September 19, 2012. It is a smartphone designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. In the US it is available through AT&T and Sprint. AT&T carries the 8-megapixel camera E970, Sprint offers it with a 13-megapixel-equipped LS970 model.

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Should I replace only the digitizer or the whole LCD?

Dear Community,

unfortunately, my LG E975 dropped out of my pocket while entering my car and landed on the threshold exactly in that moment, when I shut the door at full tilt smashing the phone. Of course the glass shattered completely and now the touchscreen is not working. I can still use the hardware keys and the LCD works quite fine, but I just can’t interact anymore with the screen. And if I tap with a bit more pressure on the screen, the LCD shows signs of pressure, too.

To get a better understanding for me in general: There is the LCD, which has no touch functionality and only shows the image. On top of the LCD sits the glass with the digitizer build in. The digitizer registers the fingers on the glass and sends signals over the digitizer flex cable to the processor, which then changes the image on the LCD. Is this correct?

Although my phone is quite old, it runs better than ever before (now with Android 5.1), so I actually don’t want to buy a new phone. I’ve never repaired a phone before, but I like doing things by myself and there are some guides online. Anyways, I have nothing to lose and get the chance to gain experience for other phones in the future.

Now there are two options for me on ebay:

Buying only the glass with the digitizer flex cable (ca. 15€) or buying the glass with a full new LCD (>60€)?

Because the LCD is still working, could I actually just go for the cheap glass to regain the touchscreen functionality?

But does the glass offer always contains a digitizer? I don’t want to get just a useless glass cover for the LCD from a cheap Asian reseller..

How difficult and risky will it be to separate the glass and the LCD?

And could it be possible, that the LCD got still damaged when it got smashed by the door? How can I check this? In this case I will of course replace the whole display..

Many questions, I hope you can help me at least with some! I’m also planning to create a guide for iFixit in this occasion, if the replacement will be successful.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Considering what you have described, I'd suggest you to replace the whole LCD assembly. Look forward to your good news, good luck.

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Thanks for the quick reply. :)

Could you please specify the reason for your suggestion?

Because it's too difficult for a beginner like me?

Or because the LCD will probably be damaged by the force of the door?


Whether for a beginner like you or an experienced technician, to separate a broken glass from LCD is not an easy task. It requires professional tools, strong skills, time and effort. However, replace a whole LCD assembly would be much easier and less risky to realize esp. for your first repair. Also it's not that easy as you watch on the videos. You can try to separate the glass when you're getting familiar with cellphone repair. Follow @Jimfixer's suggestions and be extreme patient during the repair. As for the parts you found online, I'd suggest to give etradesupply a try, I've shopped with them, no complaints so far. Still, good luck to you :)


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I don't want to seem contrary to Mia but as long as the LCD works and do check it out carefully looking at all corners and edges there's not need to change out the LCD. This way when you do change out the digitizer and glass you'll have the same sharp pic you had before . New LCD screens from anywhere but oem can look a little faded compared to old so if the picture under the broken glass isn't discolored blurred pixilated have lines in it. Just change the digitizer and glass. Do however make sure when buying on ebay or Amazon to read it carefully and make sure it says digitizer and glass as lot do sell just glass and that will do you no good. Also find yourself a very good tutorial to follow watch some youtube videos and don't overheat your screen when loosening the adhesive as this will cause fading in the lcd. Hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply. I'll do some photos of the screen and upload them when I get home, perhaps this will help to decide.

Well, I already guessed that there are lots of fake and bad quality replacement parts on the market.

But if I buy one, which is explicit tagged as OEM, am I on the safe side?

Any recommendations for shops?

What do you think for example of this one:

Or this:


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