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Released in 2012. A mirrorless digital camera with an interchangeable lens manufactured by Sony.

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Where to find a top panel replacement part?


I've been looking all over for a top panel replacement part for my NEX-5r. I tried the three sellers that Sony provided on their site, but I can't find any reference to the NEX-5r and I don't know the part # to search that way.

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As a note, here's a link to the specific guide featuring the part I need to replace: Sony NEX-5R Top Panel Replacement


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I get 90% of my replacement parts from buying other damaged units, I can often find what I need on ebay, use the 'For parts or not working' search filter and doing this the only result is for a 3 pack. But utilizing their 'sold items' filter, I can see you would not only get your part, but also could make some extra cash using your skills to break each camera down to parts and reselling at piece rate as the cases alone sell for $90-$100 each

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