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Modèles A1297 Unibody : Début 2009, Mi-2009, Mi-2010 & Fin 2011

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How to repair Laptop backlight.

Where is the fuse on the logic board for the display backlight? (model 1297).

The display works on an external monitor.

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I will tell you where the fuse is, only if you tell me resistance to ground on pins 38, 39, or 40 of the LCD connector. These are the pins closer to the black clutch cover.

Do we have a deal? :)


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wgurney, this is just to answer your question and point out your fuse. Before that fuse blows, something else will most certainly have failed before that For anything else follow the pro's. Backlight fuse F9800 3A 32V 603 package (under L speaker)

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