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First generation of the Suzuki SV650

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hard to start runs fine

The bike is hard to start esp in cool weather. Cranks for a long time with no firing. I have changed the spark plugs but didn't seem to help. Once it starts it runs fine.

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I had a honda V4 that had similar problems. Even after riding it was a crap shoot whether it would restart.

A local bike mechanic told me that the ignition drew power through the same circuit that the starter did so when the starter was working harder the spark got weaker. He suggested rebuilding the starter so it wouldn't draw so much juice. It worked. No more hard starts. Look into it.

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It sounds like your SV's valves are in need of adjustment. The first generation SV's have a hard time starting when the valves are out of spec. I hope this helps.

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bike hard to start after laying it down never any problems until i laid it down now it takes forever to start

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thats my guestion has anyone had the same problem


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