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A children's educational Tablet with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. It was released by Vtech in 2013.

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Why cant I hear any sound on my Vtech InnoTab 3S?

I was trying to use my device but there was no sound output

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If the audio isn't working properly, the speakers may have dust on them, they could have gone bad or a loose connection inside the device.

Carefully open up the front panel of the device. If it appears dusty, gently clean the speaker and check to make sure there aren't loose wires.

Look for any signs of an electrical short such as a burn-mark or strange smell coming from the device. If you observe any of these signs, the speaker has likely blown out and will need to be replaced.

If there aren't any of these signs, close the front panel and restart the device to check if the audio is working.

If the audio still isn't working, the speaker may have blown out. For replacement help please see our Speaker Replacement Guide.

For more device help check out our InnoTab 3S Troubleshooting page.

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Hi how do I open the front panel to check the speakers please


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This site is very helpful. I was having issues with my sound. My issue was the area wear the buttons make contact with mother board. The piece down in the bottom center of screen. I took a set q-tip and cleaned the connections. I cleaned anything else that needed cleaning inside while having it open. Hopefully whoever else has this issue can resolve as easy as I could. Good luck all.

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