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Un ordinateur portable professionnel avec un écran 13.3".

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Why is my laptop overheating?

My computer is overheating as well as making a rattling noise, what is the possible cause of this?

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Hello Ashley,

From what you have told me it sounds like your fan may need to be replaced or simply cleaned. For instructions on how to fix this you can refer to the troubleshooting page for this device.

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Hi Ashley,

See there are might be few issues you need to diagnose as per the below listed.

  1. Need to check through BIOS if the hardware is running proper or not?
  2. If there is issue with you hardware then need to repair or replace with the nearby service provider.
  3. If there is no Hardware issue then need to clean the fan might be due to dust that was creating noise.
  4. Also check if your exhaust fan position is backside the laptop or left side the laptop so when you work on laptop check the fans air properly goes out that way you need to check.

Any further clarification or help you can contact us through our blog ( or whats app number +919766268689.


Vinkom Technologies

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