Is the wireless card upgradable to 802.11ac standards (internally)?

802.11ac ... bluetooth combo adapter for Macbook Pro 17" late 2011

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seth@<redacted email address Dolly Parton's #1 song> and so far unanswered


Hello Seth

I was wondering if you could be aware of a way to "upgrade" an older

Macbook Pro 17" (late 2011 model I bought early 2012) to the 802.11ac

standard? Could the default wireless adapter (450 Mbps -wireless N) be

updated or replaced with a newer wireless standard adapter?

My Apple Care warranty expires late October and I have planned to

update the hard drive to the Samsung Pro 850 1 TB hard drive and

upgrade the memory to 16 GBs. So the only other thing to do is

to update the wireless adapter to be closely more compatible with

the 802.11ac standard to match the Asus RT-AC68R router.

Thank you.

TC (my real name redacted)

Addendum ( a question asked regarding an Ebay sale )

Is this compatible with my 17" Macbook aforementioned?

Apple BCM94360CD 802.11AC Bluetooth 4.0 Mini PCI-E Card Adapter

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