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The eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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Where is the e-brake indicator light switch located

the indicator light for my e-brake comes on when the brake is not engaged.

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Some of the possible causes for the e-brake light to be on:

Your brake fluid maybe low.... meaning your brake pads are wearing out and the level has dropped enough to trip the switch. When was the last time you inspected or had your brake pads inspected ?

There is a brake fluid leak.

Check if there are signs of external leaks, this can be detected by fluid drops on the bolts near the brake master cylinder, booster as well as on the floor where the car is parked, Also check the wheel slave cylinders for leaks.

If everything seems OK and the brake fluid level in the master cylinder is low, top it up to the correct level with the specified brake fluid, (consult your owners manual), pump the brake pedal a couple of times, then start the engine. The light should have gone out. Keep a check of the fluid level to make sure that it doesn't drop. If it does get your braking system checked out.

Either way get your braking system checked out, it could save your life'

If it is not the above it may be that the parking (emergency) brake switch, (usually located under the centre console near the parking brake lever may need adjustment or is faulty.

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