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Repair and disassembly guides for Magellan GPS devices.

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My Magellan GPS 9250T-LMB wont come on

I was on the road, my GPS was working. I unplugged the power cord from the car outlet. 5 minutes later, I plugged it back in, but my GPS won't come on. To check if the cord got bad, I checked another cord, but the GPS won't come on. I opened the GPS and checked the voltage of the battery. It shows 3.7 volts. Please tell me your opinion on the problem. Thank you.

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Have you tried resetting your GPS?

To Reset: Slide the power switch all the way over to the left and hold for 5 seconds. Release then try to turn on your GPS


es i tried slide power switch to the left like you set, but it still it not come on


I have the same problem and the reset did not work!

The light that shows it is plugged in to power is the only thing that works at all. How can I make it come on again?


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Charge your GPS overnight take a paperclip pushing the reset button hold it for 8 seconds release it hold the power button for 8 seconds then release it that should make it come back on if it does not you need to replace the battery.

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