Repairing an unusual paper jam

I have an HP Envy 5530 and it has a non-10" x 8" piece of paper jammed in it. A silver of paper is barely visible in the cartridge access area:

Block Image

...but it's far too small to get my hands on and it doesn't appear at all under the paper path cover.

I've followed the HP directions for fixing a paper jam, but those directions don't really apply to this situation.

So can anything be suggested?

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Can you move it by initiating a sort of copy / cancel procedure, i.e set up as if to make a copy of a page then cancel operation so that a page feeds thru the machine. Maybe that will bring the paper forward enough for you to grab it.


Thank's for the reply. Sorry to report it didn't work. I had also thought of that type of thing as a possible fix.

Any other ideas occur to you?

Barring my trying anything further it just might be time to for me to just pony up and pay for some technician to just pull the paper out. Yes I will have to overpay for what amounts to a very simple procedure but I don't see any other way out at this point.



Here is a link to the user manual(which I'm sure you know quite well by now), The method shown (p.69 in the manual)- did you try this one or the one on the previous P.68 or both? Just clarifying.

Getting into the far fetched a bit now but. Can you grab it with a pair of tweezers (disconnect the power from the printer first). Alternatively, can you attach, by using tweezers and implement such as a ruler, a piece of adhesive tape to the paper and then try to pull it forward.


As you surmised yes I have read that passage-several times in fact, and it didn't really address the situation.

It seems that somehow the paper got wound around the duplexer rod (if that's what it's called) and so at this point I think that that whole section needs to be lifted out of the way to get to the paper and unwind it.

Also on your "far fetched" remedy I had also tried the tweezer part and that didn't work either. The paper needs to be pulled on with too much force and if done it would only tear the paper more.

I feel it's become much more of mess than I, with or without the help of suggestions, can properly deal with.

But thanks!


Hi, Sorry I couldn't help you. Good luck.


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