Channels go off after a few minutes.

My headphones work great on my old Sony tv. But I got a new Sony for living room .Ever since I started using with new tv the sound goes off after a few minutes and sometimes will come back on a few minutes later Some times not. Have tried every channel I can and it still goes off. Put in new batteries also. Also there is noise now more than before. At this point they are unusable .Thanks

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Did you change anything between the TV and the Base unit, e.g RCA to mini adapters, the cable etc, than what you used with the old TV? Bit awkward I know but could you try using wired headphones/earphones (watch your ears with volume!) connected to the TV to prove whether the problem is with the TV or the headphones? Is there another audio output from the TV that you can try? Could you connect your headphones base unit to another audio device e.g. radio, mp3 player etc and see if the problem happens. Is the base unit in the same location as before? It may be suffering from interference - if it is in the same location has anything changed with the room layout, any new electronics (TV excepted , of course) including lights etc. Check your lights. I had a faulty CFL light that when on, caused a pixellation line on my TV. Sorry to overload you, basically trying to prove whether it is the TV, the connections, the headphone base unit or its' location that is the cause of your problem.


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