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A 10-inch tablet co-created by Google and Samsung for the Nexus product line.

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Is the Accelerometer on the mainboard?

Is the accelerometer for the Google Nexus 10 (GT-P8110) located on the mainboard? If not, where is it located?

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Here is a link which shows the complete teardown of a Nexus 10. As there was no mention of removing the Accelerometer during the dis-assembly, it probably means that it is mounted on the mainboard. Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thx. I had previously seen this video but since I am looking to buy a replacement I would like to know for sure.



Maybe a bit extreme but could you open the Tab and look at the mainboard, check the info printed on any of the likely looking components on the mainboard e.g name and product code, google them and see if any relate to accelerometers.

That way you'll know for sure.


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