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Is it possible to solder a additional connector to a gpu

I have a problem, i have bought 2 cheap vga monitors to put on my desk,

but i ran into the problem that my gt 635 only has 1 vga port and 1 hdmi port, i did have a hdmi to dvi cable, so i bought a dvi to vga adapter, but it wont work, so i took the panel of my pc, and looked at my videocard, and compared it to pictures online, i noticed that i have some aditional soldering points that dont have a connector soldert onto (look at picture

Block Image

so i started to search on the internet for adding aditional connectors to gpu's but i couldnt find anything, please help..

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1. Do you know if the HDMI port works? 2. Do you know if both monitors work when connected to VGA? 3 .Maybe you should try a HDMI to VGA cable as you can't be sure that your dvi - vga adapter is ok. The solder points on the card may have been placed there by the manufacturer to attach some other enhancing feature to the card and is not maybe for what you think it is there for. I don't know. Unless you can get the guide for the card which may tell you what they're for or what can be added to the card.


1. the hdmi port does work with a crappyer screen that had dvi 2. both monitors are fully functional, 3. i looked online, and apparently its 100% impossible to connect hdmi to vga because hdmi is digital, dvi is digital/ analog and vga is analog, but dvi to vga connectors do work because the gpu is able (but i dont have dvi on it) to ger that theres a adapter connected, and sends analog, and about the added soldering points, online a saw images of exactly the same gpu, with pins at the same place, i have a older gpu that has the same, its so you can connect another vga connector, but is it possible to drive a monitor through it, if i solder the pins to it and connect it to the monitor or would it be disabled by the manufacturer? btw, thanx for the help!!



There is this, but perhaps it is too expensive I just googled hdmi to vga adapter and it came up. This is why it works 'The onboard integrated chip provides active digital to analogue conversion'. Just a thought.


yess, i know, but i heard it wouldnt work, but ive already solved my problem, (see answer at the top of this page)


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so i ended up just trying it out, i stripped some pins from an even older broken gpu (it was pretty much worthless..) and soldered it onto my videocard/gpu, then i found a xfx vga 12 pin adapter and put it on, but unfortunatly, it didnt work.. so because i didnt have a adapter or converter, i looked at my pc one more time, and looked at the vga connector on my motherboard, plugged it in, but it didnt work, so i researched it a bit and found out, that you can go into the bios, and go to graphics settings, and put the order in wich the pc finds the videocard to first find the gpi (integrated gpu) so it will find the vga on the motherboard, and then the videocard, i plugged it in, and it worked!! succes!, i want to thank you guys for the help, and i hope somone else also finds this to be usefull!

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grindfi no it is not.the signal on the contact that you are referring to is identical to the signal to the connector. The driver for your video card will never recognize anything connected like that as a second monitor. So you either need a monitor that accepts HDMI or a different video card. I use an inexpensive USB adapter to drive a fourth monitor for my setup.

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i know, i hoped it would work, apparently it was indeedly for a second vga cable, but it is turned of in the firmware of the gpu..


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