connecting to internet in windows 8

i have 5 units with fx windows log on np

but 1 unit is windows 8 and cant log on to net


now w8 says fixing problem after 3 minutes it says

then says cant fix it you can log out or reprogram, i choose reprogram,it said enter your win.8 disk which i don't own. tomorrow im taking it to pc shop and changing it to fx. for $10.00 and get a new set of problems in a month or so. thanks for everyone's help

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What is the model number of your problem Acer? How are you trying to connect to the net -Ethernet or wifi? Have you checked in Device manager that the network adapters are installed /working properly? What have you done to check connections?


Curious to know your answers to Jayeff's questions. Also, sometimes if there is pending updates with win8 it blocks net connections for some reason. Try finishing the updates (meaning they are pending shutdown/restart to complete). Lastly, make any BIOS changes lately i.e. reset/default? It may not hurt to check that connections are enabled.


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