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The Huawei Honor Holly is an Android smartphone produced by Huawei and released in October 2014.

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Why is it not charging through car adapter?

My Honor Holly charges perfectly fine if I charge it using wall charger or using USB port of my laptop. But if I connect it through car adapter in car, the battery shows its charging but its not actually charging. Is there any settings that I need to change?

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My phone will not charge in the car either. Did you figure out what is wrong


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Does it charge if it is connected to the car charger but the phone is not turned on?

If it does, it means that the car charger is not supplying enough power to charge the phone battery and run the phone at the same time. It may only be good enough to maintain the battery at the current level and not allow it to discharge further while the phone is on. The output power info should be printed on the charger. It should be 5VDC and at least 0.7A (700 mA). If it states this, it still doesn't mean that it is supplying it. The only way to prove it is to borrow a compatible car charger and see if that works. If it does you need to replace yours.

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