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Black Line on Document

How do I correct a black line printing down the center of the copied page ?

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I have to clean the ADF scanning glass area (Brother MFC) after scanning or faxing only a few documents. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen.


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If the streaks that are being produced only occur when using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and not when making a copy via the platen glass, the issue is commonly due to small marks or debris on the scanning glass area that lines up underneath the ADF roller. Small smudges on the platen glass can cause "streaks" to be produced as every inch of the paper fed via the ADF passes over the area and is picked up by the scanner. The ADF roller is located on the left and underside of your lid. The scanning light sits in this area when using the ADF.

If it occurs when using the platen glass you will need to carefully and fully clean the glass in the scanning area. There can also be a strip of transparent plastic on which there can be a mark or smudge. Look for scratches, tiny spots and marks of any sort. You can use a soft lint free cloth either dry, or just very lightly moistened to clean the glass. and you may have to scrub (gently) to remove certain types of marks.

You may also wish to clean the underside of the lid.

NOTE: do not spray a cleaning solution onto the glass.

After cleaning the platen glass, run four to five blank/clean pages through to test it and see if the streaks still appear.

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My lines happen when using ADF in MFC-J6930DW

It is printing a vertical line on the right side of the paper and a horizontal line at the bottom of the page

I cannot find what u r telling me to clean


Hi. Your advice worked great for me with a hp office jet pro 6968. Was streaking only with doc feeder. Had to look deeply at the glass and had small specks causing this problem. Got rid of the flecks and works crystal clear now. Thank you!!


worked like a charm was a small piece of black smug on the glass once I knew where to look was no problem


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Try wiping the glass marked with red with soft cloth and alcohol.

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Same problem. Followed the procedure outlined by Brother, cleaned the platen glass, white pressure pad, and window for document feed, no luck, so went to the drum, it had a black band all the way around so cleaned it, Ran the little tab back and forth across the wires and still had the problem. Only had a bad copy when using document feeder, so cleaned the platen glass and document feeder glass again and then discovered a panel on bottom of document feeder, opened it and found 3 gray feed rollers on left side. One was at exactly the same distance from edge where the unwanted lines appear so I cleaned it alcohol and that seems to have corrected the problem.

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