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An Android OS tablet that is capable of taking photos and videos, navigating the web, and downloading applications for users to enjoy while using the tablet. Model Number : T7X

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Device won’t play sound!

Hey everyone. When I try to listen to music on my device, it refuses to play. I’ve checked the volume and the device is not muted. I am not using headphones or anything; I’m just trying to use the speaker in it.

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Hi Kevin! I can certainly help you out with the issue you are having. The first thing that you can try doing is checking the files that the music are being downloaded as. This tablet will play music and files of a specific kind such as an MP3,so you want to make sure the music file is that. If after you are done checking the file and are certain it’s an MP3 file and it is still not working I would suggest replacing the speaker in the tablet to fix your issue. The process can be found in theTroubleshooting Page where you will be guided to the replacement guide.

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