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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Late 2013 27" iMac display replacement / upgrade

I have a late 2013 A1419 27" iMac and while servicing it the technician damaged the flexible cable that feeds into the display itself. I was looking around for a replacement and for some reason the 5k displays are quite a bit cheaper than the correct (LM270WQ1 SD F2, 661-7885) display. The correct panel seems to cost $500USD to $1000USD, while the 5k (LM270QQ1-SDA2) panel seems to only cost $350-$700USD.

From looking at the pictures the connectors appear compatible but I also know that there was an upgrade in graphics hardware to drive the 5k displays. I would really like to make the best of this situation and upgrade the display.

Is there any chance if I buy the 5k display that it will work on my iMac?

If not, can I change to the LM270QW1(SD)(F1) instead of the (F2)?

They seem to be far more common and if there is any actual difference. I know when the letter changes (i.e. C1) that makes the screens incompatible as they look completely different and have different connectors, but F1 and F2 LOOK the same. The F1 is for the late 2012 models while F2 is for late 2013.


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Im pretty satisfied with my iMac 27" late 2013, still. But it would be very nice to put in a retina screen into the machine. Did you have any success yet?


Unfortunately I didn't have the money to gamble here. It's really frustrating because the F1 display was vastly cheaper than the F2, as was the 5K panel. I ended up spending over $700 on the "correct" F2 panel just to be certain that was I would receive would work rather than risk spending $300 then another $700 on top of it.

On the up side I'm typing this reply on the repaired iMac right now. With an SSD upgrade and a new panel it is stupid fast and should be good to go for the next few years!


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Sorry, very different displays

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So, the connectors are not the same? Certainly it is understood the displays are different but is it possible to a retina in an iMac that originally DID NOT have a retina display?


No you can't put a retina screen into a non-retina iMac. Sorry its not a plug-in play arrangement.

Gas & diesel are both fuels for cars and trucks, and are fully interchangeable right?? A gas car can take diesel and a diesel truck can take gas, Nope!!

This is the same issue here you can't assume the interface, connections, driver or even the BIOS (EFI) services within the system can support something different than what it was designed to support.


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TL;DR - A Monoprice MPLE27QPM monitor has the same panel used by Apple in their 27 iMac 2012

I recently bought a 27 inch later 2013 iMac with a broken screen. Same old story, the previous owner tried to take the screen off to replace the HD and inadvertently cut the flex-connectors to the panel. I looked for a new panel, but they are overpriced or damaged (eBay ~$500). It's still a good computer (especially with the upgraded SSD blade drive), so I wanted to put it to use. I searched for a 2K monitor (same native resolution of the 2013 iMac), so I can take the logic board, power source... and attach them to the monitor and voila, a weird-looking iMac. I found a used inexpensive Monoprice MPLE27QPM for $100, a sweet score. Once I got it home, I noticed a camera hole, but the manual did not say anything about a camera. Being inquisitive, I took the monitor apart to see what's going on. And low and behold, the panel is the same panel used by Apple for their 2012 27 inch iMacs. The connectors fit (the LED power connector has an adapter that needs to be removed), the model number is the same, and the glass fits perfectly. It even has a temp sensor plug (the actual sensor came from my old monitor). As for the different model years (2012 LM27OWQ1(SD)(F1) vs 2013 LM27OWQ1(SD)(F2), it is my understanding that the panel for 2012 will work in the 2013 iMac. I'm just waiting for the blade SSD before putting it all back together and testing it out.

Also, if you do use the Monoprice monitor as a display replacement, the plastic backing has yellow double-sided tape (can be seen in the pictures). Some heat is helpful. I will post some pictures.

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After completing the install, the iMac would not recognize the screen. I'm guessing the firmware for the display is different between the iMac and the Monoprice monitor. I tried to take it to Apple to see if they can reflash the display, but they examined it for a day and told me they couldn't do anything for me. I will see if I can figure it out, but so far, it's looking unlikely.


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