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The APEX TM785CH is an 7.85" digital tablet manufactured by TMAX Technologies. This tablet includes 16GB of storage and has built-in WiFi.

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Battery type for replacement

what type of battery APEX TM785CH?

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Cannot find out what type of battery is in your tablet but the following information may be of some help.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to access the battery so as to replace it.

Remplacement de la batterie du APEX TM785CH

Once you have access to the battery, the information written on it will help you to determine what size and capacity battery you need. The Voltage and Capacity specifications are already, most probably, available from the User Guide that came with the tablet. It is the dimensions that are the important specification, (besides the other two obviously) because it has to physically fit in the tablet.

Here are two examples of what to look for. As far as I know these are not for your tablet, they are merely to show what to look for on your existing battery to help you to determine what replacement you need.

Block Image

This one shows a 3.7V 2500mAH battery with dimensions of 35mm x 70mm x 95mm

Block Image

This one shows a 3.7V 3000mAH battery with dimensions of 40mm x 67mm x 100mm

Then just do a 'Google' search, citing the parameters of Voltage, Capacity and Dimensions e.g. Li-On battery 3.7V 2500mAH 357095 and check on the results for suppliers.

Most tablet batteries are of the Li-On (Lithium Ion) type and once you determine which one you need all you have to do, once you have the replacement battery is to unsolder the wires from the systemboard, which connect to the old battery's management board (pcb mounted on the battery itself) and solder the new battery's wires onto the same points on the systemboard, ensuring that you maintain the correct polarity. (red wire = +ve, black wire = -ve) Take photos of the wiring colour connections before you remove the old wires so that there will be no mistakes when connecting the new wires.

Once you have installed it, be sure to fully charge the battery in the normal manner, before you attempt to turn on your device. Allow for a bit of time as the replacement battery may take a while to 'kick in' before you see charging commence, as it may have been quite 'flat' (no pun intended). You should see something happening after at least 60-90 minutes at worst.

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