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HP Envy TouchSmart 15, model 15t - j000. Release year 2013.

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touchscreen stopped working for good this time

This is 2nd time it stopped..last time i uninstalled the compliant touchscreen driver,rebooted and touch worked....this time uninstalled driver same as before but no amount of reboots finds it....just missing...all available device detectors don't find it.. system restore no luck at HP + out of warranty.

Think its a hardware problem,maybe simple as a connection failure,

2013 model...upgraded it worth fixing? I can use it this way,but would really like to get touch back.

u have any way to determine if is hardware?

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Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop.

This is what is says about 'touchscreens' on p.57 of the manual

The TouchScreen display assembly is spared only at the component level. The nonTouchScreen display assembly is spared at both the component and the subcomponent level. For more display assembly spare part information, see the individual removal subsections.

My interpretation of this is that the touchscreen is not a separate component to the LCD screen and that they are 'bonded' together in as much as there will probably be only one cable connecting the screen unit to the motherboard. It still may be a loose cable, maybe not making good contact on one side of the connector perhaps.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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