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Rear cover will not lift off MacBook Pro 17" Unibody

I have removed all of the screws from the rear cover of my MacBook Pro 17" (i5 128 SSD).

When I proceed to try and lift off the cover it appears to be secured in the middle of the cover...which is really odd.

Is this held by tape, a hidden screw, a clip? How do I proceed?

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Turns out there's just two clips in the center that the rear cover clips into. With gentle force it will pop off after the 10 screws are taken out.

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Good catch Josh. Now please accept your answer to clear the question. +


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I had the same issue.

Trouble is, how do I re-attach those clips when re-assembling the computer?


You are correct. Just press the back plate against the Mac's innards. It will click. Thanks a lot.

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For personal attention please start your own question so you don't get lost in an old question.


I was told by a Genius at the Apple Store that the clips should re-attach once the back case is on and the machine is flipped back over with gentle pressure on it.

Seemed to work for me when I put in an Optibay to replace my Optical Drive with more HDD space.


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I have the same problem. The issue is that those 2 clips fit into 2 little bracket type parts that are screwed to inside of the case. One of mine is broken (plastic middle part) It is to unscrew it. But I can not find anywhere where to buy this little piece of plastic

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