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footwear heel and sole repair

Read the colume on heel and sole repair. New boots worn only 3-4 times showing wear. Would a coat of silicone help sloe the process?

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1 solution

Peel back the sole without ripping any new and durable sole left.

*Clean the upper and lower faces of the soles where they touch one another.

*Make sure there is no debris or dirt on either face.

*You will need boot repair glue, I have had to use Gorilla glue and as long as the surfaces are clean and you apply a generous amount to completely fill the face of both soles it should give you a good temporary fix. You will need to clamp the soles together, if you do not have a clamp use a rope/string or weights to keep the soles compressed and attached. Loose and flimsy soles are a bad sign, especially for newly worn boots. And any glue will continue to be just a temporary fix from there on out.

***The most permanent fix I have came across is to align the sole by hand and careful put screws in the outer sole into the boot with adhesive to prevent leaks. Be sure to not screw too close to the inside to prevent your feet from feeling the repairs. Go from the bottom in, instead of the top into the sole so that the head of the screws are not visible. Remove remaining screw with a hand grinder. Should last the rest of your boots life.

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