MacBook Pro 17" late 2011 video-issues, reposted

Oooohhh, I did something very stupid, I accidently deleted this posting. I have no clue what went wrong, I tried to comment but managed to delete the posting Mayer and Dan’s comments included. Could be it is possible to undo the delete, but I could not find out how. Immediate reposting, well, you cannot. So here we go again…

Good day to all of you.

This is about the already extensively covered MacBook Pro 13", 15" and 17" 2011-built video issues in general, in particular about the MacBook Pro’s with a 2.5GHz Core i7 2860QM SandyBridge CPU and an AMD Radeon HD 6770M discrete graphics card, aka MacBookPro8,3. Family name: A1297. Model Number: MD311. I happen to own one of those, and it is fully serviceable.

In these conferences about MBPs, zzz excellently explained the causes, thank you for that.

However, I still have some unanswered questions in this.

From the Apple site "MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues" ( I learn:

products affected: 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models manufactured in 2011.

This suggests that MBPs 15-inch and 17-inch, manufactured after January 01, 2012 up until production-end June 2012, are not affected. Something like an AMD Radeon HD 6770M Rev B or Mk II graphicscard has been introduced for the 2012 built MBPs 17"?

My MBP rolled off the production-line the 5th week of 2012 in factory C0, Quanta Computer China.

Does this mean I am, i.e. my MBP is, off the hook, no longer affected by a 6770M video-card that can die any moment?

Could someone out there shine light in this?

With sincere greetings from continental Europe,

Feike Hoogenbos

Find out when and where your Apple Mac was 'born’ via this link:

Just enter your Mac’s serial number.

Thanks Dan and Mayer. About the link, for some, unknown reason to me, it did not paste correctly. Second attempt, with an added return between / and klantenservice, you should delete the added return, it should be:


I hope this one will paste OK.

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