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Released in 2008, the 4300 was touted as Dell's workhorse for travelers who need to accomplish their work on the go. With a durable magnesium construction, instant connectivity features, and a longer lasting battery, this ultra-portable PC was a flagship “business first” model that still circulates new iterations to this day.

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I need startup disc

Need to install new harddrive, but cant find ANY startup disc. Any ideas/help?

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If you don't have a system restore disk that either came with the laptop, or that you made when it was working, you will need to install Windows afresh, with a Windows installation disk.

Did the laptop have Windows Vista or Windows 7? I think that model came with either.

You will probably need to buy a new copy of Windows. Windows 10 will probably be fine, but there is always a chance that some hardware components in a laptop won't work correctly without the drivers for the edition of Windows for which the hardware was intended. Basically, there's a greater chance of getting the correct drivers for Windows 7 (you will need to download them from the Dell site, most likely) than for Windows 10, but...

...bear in mind, though, that Windows 7 is no longer supported by MS, and that security (or other) updates no longer occur.

You could always use the Windows Media Creation tool (found here: to download a copy of Windows 10, as a disk image (.iso), then burn it to DVD. If this is your only computer, and it isn't currently working, you will need to ask a friend to do this for you.

Note - if your computer has less than 4GB of RAM, choose the 32 bit version of Windows 10.

You can skip entry of the product key while installing, and see if Windows 10 works with your machine. If it does, and Windows can find all the drivers (which it will attempt automatically), you can purchase Windows by clicking a link inside the OS.

NB the Media Creation Tool will create media for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 - not anything earlier, which is why the option is to either buy Windows 7 from somewhere online, or try Windows 10, then buy it.

On reflection, I think it would be wiser to start by trying Windows 10 - it will cost you nothing to begin with, and if it works, and you decide to pay for it, at least you have an up to date, secure OS.

PS if there is a Windows Product Key on a sticker on the base of your laptop, you could try entering that as your Windows 10 Product Key - I know MS allow a free upgrade from Windows 7.

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Hi @DeathOnRedBull,

Not quite right regarding updates for Win 7. Microsoft offers extended support i.e. updates, (although not service packs) for Win 7 until 1/14/2020.


Thanks Jayeff - I stand corrected! I'd still try W10 first, though, Jose.


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