Need Tutorial for Fixing Z ultra Rear Camera


I need to see how to replace Sony Xperia Z Ultra Rear Camera. Incidentally i cut rear camera connector cable/flexible cable. :(

Do i have to open the mother board ???

please help..

thanks in advance.

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I did this before. This phone is a pain in the **** to repair. When I lifted up the logic board I teared the long LCD connector which is literally impossible to replace because I don't know a way to attach a new one on. I wouldn't recommend performing any repairs on this phone and I actually recommend getting another phone like a Sony Xperia Z3, Z2, Z1 / HTC One M8 / M9.

Seriously I don't think it's worth doing ANY repair other than the back cover on this phone. The risks are too high.

LCD cable is fragile, board is glued down with some sort of adhesive making it easy to damage the board. Rear camera flex cable is fragile.

I ordered another one of the rear camera but it wouldn't fit for some reason.

I really just don't like doing repairs on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra in particular.


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