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A 5-inch Android smartphone, powered by MediaTek MT6592M paired with 1 GB RAM. Not to be confused with the Doogee Valencia2 Y100 Pro.

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My Valencia2 Y100 smartphone screen broke

My Doogee Valencia2 Y100 screen broke and don't seem find a replacement for it.

What I did find is a screen for a Valencia2 Y100 Pro. Will this screen fit my phone? And if anyone knows where to find one please let me know as I'm not sure if Valencia2 Y100 and Valencia2 Y100 Pro are interchangeable.

When I look at the phone's model no. it says Valencia2 Y100 without the Pro at the end.

Thank you in advance.

Update (07/18/2016)

Thanks Jack.

Another question please.

But is the Doogee2_y100 Pro not the (Doogee2_y100 Plus), also Compatible for my Doogee2_y100?

Thanks again for your response.

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The Y100 and Y100 PLUS is common lcd screen, it is better you can buy the lcd screen assemble and it is better you can have experenice for phone disassemble and assemble.



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Thanks Jack you were very helpful.


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I found one source for the part: Doogee Y100 LCD Display+Touch Screen Original Digitizer Glass Panel For DOOGEE Valencia 2 Y100 1280X720 Phone.

I can't speak about the seller here so do be careful! Good Luck

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Thanks Dan. Very helpful


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en la pagina aliexpress puedes conseguir el reemplazo,

espero sea util., saludos

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Thanks Sergio Villanueva


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