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The third redesigned generation Grand Vitara was introduced in 2005. The Grand Vitara is called Escudo in some markets. Also, in some markets the three-door variant drops the "Grand" to be branded simply "Vitara". In some countries, including Chile the 5-door version is named Grand Nomade.

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Emissions system parts and diagram

What are the parts of the emissions control system and how do they connect to the engine.

Update (06/08/2016)

2006 Grand Vitara, 6cyl, Model JB627, Engine H27

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Can you give us the model & year info for your Suzuki.


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Your question is a bit vague and to general. Most common parts on your Vitara dealing with Emission control are:"Emission control system

Crankcase ventilation hoses and connections

*PCV valve

*Fuel evaporative emission control"

  • These images should help you with the general idea. If you need anything specific, let us know through some comments

Block Image

Block Image

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Where is the pcv valve located

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same vehicle as above?


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