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Le Sony Xperia Z5 est équipé d'un écran de 5,2 pouces et à 1080 x 1920 pixels, d'un processeur Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, d'une RAM de 3 Go et d'une caméra arrière de 23 MP.

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xperia z5 proximity switch

Hi after service, (they changed my screen to new one) Fingerrprint scanner doesnt work, i don't have led notification and proximity sensor doesnt work too. Please tell me can you change proximity switch from motherboard?

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Proximity sensor not working is probably due to the screen not being put on properly. Either there is too much gap between the glass and the front display housing frame itself or some adhesive is actually obstruction the proximity sensor.

As for LED notification I think that is part of the headphone jack assembly if it's next to that and they probably didn't bother putting the notification LED plastic piece that focuses the LED with the white (opaque) plastic piece.

Fingerprint scanner is on the power button right? If yes they probably damaged it because it sounds like they gave you a whole new screen with a frame.

You should probably take it back to where you got it repaired from and talk to them about this.

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Sorry to jump in here but I reckon z5 experts might be thin even around here :) . I've got the famous going black z5 phone on phone calls problem. I am pretty sure it's the proximity sensor distance from the glass. As I can press the corner to make it almost work properly. My questions are where is the sensor and is it separate from everything else? My guess was is on the motherboard possibly? If so how do I change it's position? Is this an easyish fix or am I going to have soon big problems? I've looked at the heating process and a few other bits but I've only changed a few iphone screens and parts so far. I have a ifixit gel pack but maybe it's not the best for this? Maybe hairdryer? Will I have to remove the battery as well? Anyway thanks for any help!


Just updating my case I worked out that the main middle frame of the phone had bent slightly...almost unnoticeable. And the back battery door had been very tightly stuck to the frame creating a strain that moved the sensor slightly (which is on the motherboard). It was such a tiny amount but taking it apart and relaxing the pressure on that one corner did the trick. It was still joined well just not so tightly and everything worked. :)


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Before disable any features or removing covers to acces screen or internal parts!

I'll try first heating the screen with an electronics heat gun, or a hair blow dryer with a back and forth motion along the frame and screen at the same time press in the corner. This is on right the opposite of headphones Jack's is where the proximity sensor is located.

use a napkin or a rag to press down the screen because the phone will be hot!

The whole idea is to melt the black adhesive used to keep the screen together to the frame and bring the screen to its proper level. This is where the issue lies to the proximity sensor acting faulty

Once phone is hot also face it down and use light pressure to the sourounding Edge! And keep the pressure till it cools down for about 3-4 min

Do this on shut down device

Turn on the phone and then do a test by dialing *#*#7378423#*#*

"Hit proximity switch" and should read off by default! Put a finger but don't touch the screen, on the right corner and should turn on, remove finger, should turn off this indication it was successfully fix!

Note this fix is the phone actually has the black adhesive used around the edge when your screen was previously replaced. Some technicians might of not used the black adhesive and used double sided tape to keep screen together. The double sided tape could also bring problems down the line because of dust particles getting in between the edge and adhesive not sticking on the screen and causing the screen to lift up from the frame

In this case you would have dis assemble the whole phone to get to screen and clean around the edge and install proper adhesive and fallow the above steps!

I did this and it help me, I hope it does it for you!

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I've got the same problem. But i heated the phone up with a heat gun and pressed on the screen and waited 2-3 minutes but it doesn't work. Can you tell me why? If i press on the upper right, the sensor works. I have also the Z5


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A messy workaround is double tap the power button when a call has come through (activates the camera), hit the home key (should bring up the home screen) then the Phone icon. I should give you the option to 'Show keypad', then the phone will operate irrespective of the proximity sensor.

A bit fiddly, but it works for me.

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